Now is The Time for Words of Grace

No foul language is to come from your mouth, but only what is good for building up someone in need, so that it gives grace to those who hear.

-Ephesians 4:29

We live in a time of corrupt, foul and unwholesome words.  In the world of non-believers, ‘trash-talking’ is commonplace, ‘par for the course’ and ‘normal’.  Believers know better.  And when we do engage in putrid, rotten speech, we apologize.

We, who are all called to be saints, do the opposite of what the worlds does; with our words.  We speak only words that are good words.  We speak what is good to others, for building them up.
In this time, in this climate of rotten words, we will speak with words of grace.
In the world, they tear each other down with their words to one another.  Christians, in contrast, build people up, with their words.
We see and hear what others need.  Then we speak words to people, that build them up, according to that need.  We are encouragers, blessing givers and word of grace speakers.
Everything about us is built on grace.  We are saved by grace and we live by grace.  We also speak in gracious ways.
We speak the language of grace.  We speak gracious words.  We speak words of grace to others, for their building up.
There is a stark contrast of how a believer in Christ functions and how someone who does not know Christ behaves.
In this time, in this climate of rotten words, we will speak with words of grace: To one another and to those we meet.

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