My dream of a friend waiting in line

I saw a friend in a dream or a night vision. It was a scene with no movement. No talking. It happened twice in one night. I think I have had this exact dream before, sometime over the past months; and brushed it off, didn\’t get it; but I think I do now.

I saw my friend waiting in line.  I could not find a picture like what I saw: men in line or a man in line, on Pixabay, so the man above represents what I saw.  And so does the picture below.
I saw my friend, a friend I have not been in contact with, waiting in line.  He was dressed in a polo shirt, waiting in a line of people.
My first reaction, each time I had the dream was to say to myself, \”Why is he waiting in line, for food, when he has plenty of money?\’  Now, I realized that I assumed some things.  There was no evidence that this was a line for food!  It was funny or strange how I jumped to that conclusion.  But, was it a word of knowledge?  Or, did I just judge prematurely?  Was this a lesson on presuming or assuming, when I just don\’t know?
All I do know is my friend was waiting in a line.  Then, I began to draw conclusions that may have been wrong.
After thinking and praying about this, here are my thoughts:
Pray for your friend.  There he was alone, waiting, in line.
Waiting is good.  Being in line waiting is good.
I know that my friend is a waiter.  He has been waiting faithfully, on God.
My dream may have been showing me that he is still being faithful to wait on God.  The Bible says that is a good thing and that God will give us what we wait on Him for, according to His will.
I think that my dream or night vision, was a call to pray for my friend.  My first reaction to seeing him, teaches me, to recognize my own self, what I think about something I see, at first; and then to set that aside and see what God sees, and wants to show me.

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